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        Dark Signature House Blend

        Our signature roast is a 50/50 blend of our featured seeds in any particular month  (Peruvian, El Salvadorian) . The resulting flavors are usually a rich, chocolaty, nutty, caramel finish. 

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        Brazilian Coffee

        Brazil - is known for being the world’s largest producer of coffee for a reigning 150 years. The flavor profile of Brazilian coffee is very chocolaty, nutty, and rich with a...

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        Ethiopian Sumatran Blend (Mocha Java)

        Our Mocha Java blend offers a unique combination of contrasting flavors and textures. This blend combines our Moka Harrar, which posses an exotic, lemon/ bergamot, tea-like flavor, rose, jasmine, with the...

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        Decaf Colombian Coffee

        Colombia - The most common characteristics are: (Texture and intensity), sweet, Grapes, Berries. Often an enjoyable liquor-like quality. Medium acidity.

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        Ethiopian Coffee (Moka Harrar)

        Ethiopia - is known to be the oldest producer of coffee and is the origin of the Arabica species itself. Coffee from the Harar region is where our “Harar “ beans...

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        Indonesian / Sumatran Coffee

        Indonesia - Intense, sometimes wild, spices, herbs, earthy, pepper. Varying mellow fruit notes of dates, prunes and plums. Often curry-like. Some mushrooms. And sometimes blueberry. Big body. Low acidity

        Colombian Coffee

        Colombia - is another very well-known coffee producing country. With the diversity in taste throughout the regions in this country it is extremely hard to list one profile or notes and...

        El Salvadorian

        A gentle acidity as well as a balance and honey-like sweetness have made El Salvador coffees a great choice for use in coffee blends.


        Balanced, full flavor, mellow-medium body and middle acidity, with a gentle sweet finish. In particular, smooth nutty and chocolate undertones shine through.

        Signature Roast Memberships

        DARK ROAST  - No matter what the blend, our Signature Dark Roast will always possess its origin flavor. But a dark roast wouldn't be a dark roast without the chocolate, caramel notes...

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        Rwandan Coffee

        Rwanda - steadily growing as a major coffee producing country in the early 2000s, Coffees from Rwanda are floral and fresh with notes of crisp apple

        Costa Rican Coffee

        Costa Rica - has been a standard for high quality in the specialty coffee market for some time. This bean is clean, light and elegant, very balanced with milk-chocolate, floral, and...